Manage your glaucoma
easily and effectively
with glaucare

Manage your glaucoma easily and effectively with glaucare

Stay on schedule with

the perfect drop plan

Following your prescribed eye drop regimen is key to keeping your glaucoma stable. glaucare keeps your drop plan handy, including helpful reminders.

Rest assured with an app

that’s easy on the eyes

Our app was specially designed to be as user-friendly as possible, with mature users and the visually impaired in mind. It has a straightforward look and feel so that you can manage your glaucoma with ease.

Keep your data safe

and sound

You decide what you want to save and share. We can’t access your data, and we don’t store it in a cloud, either— it stays securely on your smartphone.

Easily share important information with your ophthalmologist

glaucare lets you create a securely encrypted data sheet of all the information your ophthalmologist needs. The app also includes an option to keep your doctor’s contact details readily on hand.

Clear overviews of everything you

need to know

glaucare provides crucial insights for your disease management. Visual representations of key data—such as your daily medication intake and your measurement results—are easy to understand at a glance.

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